Dipty Chowdhury


Dipty is a 17-year-old girl from Bangladesh who works mainly to boost the well-being of adolescents of her country. She started working with SKNF (a national adolescent network) from a very early age. She is working in nutrition, reproductive health, adolescents' rights, and more. She has also successfully collaborated with GAIN in the project of Eat Well Live Well: with adolescents pledging to make healthier food choices. She has also written a book tailored to a young audience about safe, sound and healthy adolescence.

She is a youth leader of UN Food system summit Action Track 1

Message: "I strongly believe that young people like me can be a driver for change in the world. I think there is a gap between policy makers and the demands of the public at large, especially young people. This gap can be bridged if we bring young people to a leading position. And for this,  the world must hear from us (the youth). Coming from a developing country, I know the need to strike the right balance between eating healthy diets and how much one can afford them, between the choice I make and the money I have. I want to see nutritious food as a basic right instead of just junk food."
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