Jackson Richard Buzingo

Tanzania, United Republic of

I am a youth and regenerative agriculture advocate from Tanzania, East africa. Also, I work with One More Salary, a non-profit organization registered in Sweden and Tanzania. Through this organization I have reached more than 840 smallholder farmers based on regenerative farming practices through Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration(FMNR). The project is essential to curb deforestation and restore soil fertility. I have been active Tree Ambassador since 2019, planted over 10,000 trees to Nyarugusu refugee Camp, Heru juu village and Kabanga Primary School for children with Disabilities. Having conducted training to Diploma students on Regenerative Agriculture and Urban farming methods. I have emphasized the need to transform our broken food systems to be more Sustainable.
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On August 26, 2020 I Co-hosted a first ever UN75 Webinar themed 'SHAPING OUR FUTURE TOGETHER FOR SUSTAINABILITY' together with Ms. Lisa E. Laskaridis, Director of Communication, Special Advisor on UN75 to the Office of the Secretary General of the United Nations.
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I convened the Webinar in order to pose the major threat that humankind is facing in order to discuss game changing solutions towards our broken food systems, water crisis, climate change, business and agri-tech and ecosystems collapse. In June 2021 I conducted two notable FSS Dialogues in which I emphasized on Youth engagement Climate Smart Agriculture and Smallholder farmers role in transformation of food systems. In my opinion, I perceive that since ¾ of global food is produced by smallholder farmers then, there is a great need to assist them practice regenerative agriculture and food forests in order to get sustainable and nutritious food. This goes together with youth engagement in Agriculture so that they can be able to fight youth unemployment, poverty, climate change and food insecurity.
So far, I have delivered my speech on regenerative agriculture practices at the FSS Dialogue for Youth National Level in Tanzania. I could not imagine that I could be invited to meet in person with the Director of National Food Security -Tanzania Who is the official UN FSS National Convener.

We need to fix this broken food system now because we are running out of options. The need for new food systems relies on youth action to pressure the governments. Agroforestry and regenerative farming practices seem promising to a greener future of nutritious food.
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