Jane Napais


Jane Napais is a trained nutritionist from Kenyatta University, Kenya. Her passion for nutrition and service to the community led her to volunteer before and after graduation, mentoring mothers on best nutrition practices. Jane now works as a Nutritionist at Feed the Children, inspiring caregivers to adopt positive health behaviours. She is a committed youth advocate and team lead for the FEED Nutrition Advocacy Unit, advocating for adolescent girls’ nutrition. She also mobilises and educates women of reproductive age on nutrition. Jane is particularly passionate about adolescent girls’ nutrition and the links between nutrition, gender inequality, and child marriage. Blog-Fighting Hunger amidst Covid-19


To realize a world free from malnutrition in all its forms, we (the youth) must play an active role through nutrition advocacy and also directly participating in food production and through the supply chains. We have the voice, the power and the numbers to ensure food systems that are effective and efficient worldwide.
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