Lana Weidgenant


As a youth climate strikes organizer with a background in food systems work, I came to realise the massive impact of our society’s current food production and consumption on the climate crisis, on biodiversity loss, environmental justice issues, human rights and more. In seeing these varied problems coming from our food systems, I knew that progressing to better food production and consumption practices would mean positives for climate action, for biodiversity, for environmental justice, human rights, and so on. So I co-led a student organization for more healthy and sustainable food at my university, organized a food systems week for an international climate organization, created and led a Youth Summit and Youth Lobby Day to Ban Factory Farms, co-founded a youth initiative for climate-friendly food at UN climate conferences and negotiations, and led successful campaigns for the implementation of plant-based options in over 18,000 locations.
Now, I am working as a Campaigns and Policy Manager for ProVeg International.
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