Maureen Muketha


Maureen Muketha is a youth nutrition advocate passionate about the achievement of SDG 2, a member of the UN Food System Summit Action Track 1 leadership team and a core group member of the Act4food Act4Change Campaign. She is the founder of a social enterprise called Tule Vyema.

Maureen rolls up her sleeves to do what she loves best – fighting hunger, malnutrition and poverty. Tule Vyema has equipped over 2,000 community members with nutrition knowledge and improved food security through training young women to cultivate indigenous vegetables on kitchen gardens in over 800 low income earning households.

Maureen’s transformative work through Tule Vyema has been recognized by local and global organizations such as Forbes, Shawn Mendes Foundation, UNESCO MGIEP, Food Tank, Croplife International, Oxfam and Global Changemakers

"I view The Summit as a timely event. Access to affordable, safe and nutritious foods at all times is a basic human right and not a privilege for any individual. I will contribute to the United Nations Food Systems Summit by sharing my knowledge and expertise in nutrition. I will also champion and actively lobby the youth to view the food system value chain as a very robust industry that is not only limited to cultivation or food production but also includes other elements like marketing, distribution, processing, preparation and waste recovery. This will change the perception of nutrition and food security being a basic industry to an industry that is transformative, evolving and equally prestigious."
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