Narindra Andriamahefalison


Narindra Andriamahefalison is a Girl Guide from Madagascar. She is an Advocacy Champion on Girl Powered Nutrition and Plastic Tide Turner which are both a global programme of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
She delights in empowering girls by giving them the opportunities to learn, to be inspired, to find themselves and to make their voices heard so together they can address issues that are affecting them. She advocates for better nutrition in order to break the cycle of chronic malnutrition in Madagascar because she believes that if girls and women are healthy, they can achieve more. She wants an equal word for everyone, where everyone can reach their fullest potential and take action to build a better and healthy world.
She is currently writing a cookbook for primary schools in Madagascar to help them learn more about healthy diet and the importance of food.

Nutrition is a basic right for each and everyone but still is a big problem for many people around the world. Government and International Organization have shown that they are taking action but still malnutrition is among the first reasons why people died. That means something has to change. I am taking actions by advocating, proposing and developing more sustainable solutions for people and the earth not for money and charity. But I, we, can’t do it alone, we need more young people to be involved. To improve nutrition and the whole food system, there is no magic. We create magic because we are young and we have the power to be and to bring the change now. We need food to live but the food system and nutrition also needs us for us and for the others. Together we can achieve “ZERO HUNGER” -SDG2.
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