Stephanie Sargeant


Stephanie is currently doing a Masters in International Development Studies, specializing in Politics and Governance. Under this Masters she also follows the Sustainable Development Diplomacy track, which provided Stephanie with the opportunity to act as a student consultant for the United Nations. During her Masters, she worked as a student assistant for the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS). Stephanie has a Bachelor of Science in Geography from King’s College London. Growing up in Kenya, she has been involved in small-scale food projects for local communities, and while working for CCAFS, large-scale projects such as Food System Summit Dialogues, the AICCRA Launch, and a PreCOP Youth4Climate event.

While working as a student assistant at CCAFS, I was involved in several projects pertaining to the transformation of food systems, and in particular agricultural innovation. I have also worked on small-scale projects while growing up in Kenya.

As a result of studying Geography for my Bachelors, and International Development Studies for my Masters, I have been exposed to various development and humanitarian issues. During my masters I have also been active in the Amnesty International student group, which has shed light on the violations of human rights around the world. However, I would like to use this opportunity as a Youth Leader for ACT4FOOD ACT4CHANGE to press forward the agenda for access to healthy, nutritious diets for all, and to also learn more about how youth can be catalysts of change for food systems. Food is integral to human prosperity and without it addressing other developmental issues will be impossible, as well as futile. Therefore, food and nourishment should be a priority.

I pledge to use my position of privilege to defeat hunger and improve health. I will be an ally to those without access to, or unable to afford healthy, nutritious food. I plan to encourage young people, particularly from marginalized groups, who I believe have been left out of the conversation for too long, and need to be at forefront of present and future discussions, decisions, and direct actions. I would like to work on the local level to ensure that everyone is able to make a pledge, even in inaccessible areas and communities.
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