Taylor Quinn


Taylor Quinn is a social entrepreneur dedicated to designing and implementing nutritious low-cost food systems. He moved to Liberia during the Ebola outbreak in 2015, and used his background as a food anthropologist and social entrepreneur to build a Liberian-owned and operated business that produces nutritious low-cost delicious food (flavored cassava-based porridges) targeting consumers living in extreme poverty. Since then, he's taken this nutritious low-cost food approach to work in 10 countries, ranging from Brazil to Congo. He runs his social enterprise while working to scale his models through his day job building a global model for nutritious, delicious, affordable food systems at the UN World Food Programme.

Message "The number of malnourished people in our world continues to rise, despite the best efforts of all those working towards achieving Zero Hunger and SDG 2. There is a need to rethink our approach to building food systems that work for all, and the UN Food Systems Summit is an incredible platform to do just that. I will be advocating for a world where we look at malnourished people not as beneficiaries of charities, but as the empowered consumers they are, making thoughtful food choices each and every day. I see The Summit as a catalyst in ensuring everyone everywhere can easily purchase delicious, culturally-relevant, nutritious food."
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