Yuhua Zong


Yuhua is currently working at the United Nations Food System Summit – AT2 China Action Hub, where he spends most of time organizing events, building youth advocates network, and educating the public through podcasts and blogs on food systems transformation in China. He graduated from an MBA program which heavily focuses on Entrepreneurship and supporting the local community at University of New Brunswick. Yuhua’s internship experience with the Green Party had exposed him to the world of Sustainable Development. He then worked with a local food manufacturer to provide affordable functional food for the local communities, and realized the intricacies and problems within the food systems, and the importance of food in solving all kinds of social issues ranging from climate change, equity, human rights, public health, and the list goes on.

I strongly believe that humans as a species have over-exploited the resources our mother nature provided for us, yet imperfect structures in many societies around the world keep exacerbating the problem. The problem will persist as our population continue to grow, while it is irresponsible, unempathetic and preposterous to say that we need to slow down population growth, we do need to think about how we can live within the nature, we need to re-evaluate the constraints and parameters through the lens of Sustainable Development.
I hope that through genuine interaction with people, I can instill a sense of urgency in today’s youth and call for everybody who is intrinsically motivated to take actions. I will also put my entrepreneurial spirits to good use, and help those who share the same vision to develop better and more sustainable business practices for the future of us and Earth.
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