Yumna Hussen

United Kingdom

Yumna is a 16 year old growth enthusiast, student advocate and campaigner, elected as Youth MP for Birmingham and Chair of Birmingham Youth Council. She works as a Youth Leader for BiteBack 2030, which is a youth-led organisation, with the main aim of halving childhood obesity rates by 2030, by building a fairer food system through powerful alliances with industry, business and government. Her fight for an inclusive healthcare system has led her to facilitate numerous sessions with professionals to address healthcare inequalities and speak at national conferences, fuelling her desire to learn more about global and public health. A recent TEDx speaker, ‘Re-Imagining Education To Create An Impact In The World,’ Yumna works with organisations focussed on transforming the education system into one that is equitable, inclusive, decolonised and centres the views of learners. An avid writer and public speaker, she is also the co-author of the book ‘Struggles of War’. She believes in using creative approaches to tackle societal issues, often using the power of story-telling and spoken-word in her own work. Currently, she is launching RESILIENCE - a youth-led organisation, with the mission of elevating key systems in humanity and in particular, envisioning the future of our education system.
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