Yacine Yade


Yacine Yade, 25, is from Senegal. She has a bachelor's degree in agronomy and agribusiness. She is an agricultural entrepreneur, the founding president of the Femmes Agronomes du Monde (F.A.M) structure, which is an initiative for the empowerment of women. She works with several women's groups all over Senegal but also in other African countries like Mali. FAM produces and markets agricultural products such as Moringa tea, pure honey, packs of fruits and vegetables and essential oils.It also helps groups to sell their products and promotes local consumption “let's produce what we consume but also consume what we produce”.

Yacine is also the editor of FAM magazine, a magazine that talks about agricultural news and for each edition they feature women from the agriculture sector.

Yacine is also a member of the network of Young Professionals for Agricultural Research and Development. (YPARD SN) and the president of the Network of Young Agripreneurs of Africa (RJAA).
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