Zulma Lopez Reyes


Zulma is from Colombia, she holds a master’s degree in Electrical and Computational Engineering from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia. In 2020, she joined the Students for Sustainability group (SSquare) at KAUST to pursue one of her greatest passions: environmental protection. She has been an enthusiastic member of the group, specially in projects related to food like: The Week of Awareness: are we what we eat? Which was an event that aimed to raise awareness on the link between food choices, health, and the planet. She has actively engaged and supported decision-makers at the university to promote plant-based food. Moreover, Zulma has been volunteering in the creation of a waste segregation campaign with emphasis on food waste. Currently she is a special project lead at SSquare.
Message: I believe that apprehending the concept of interbeing (all things and living beings are interconnected) is an extraordinary tool to take care of our planet. Our habits determine not only our future, but the future of all the species on earth. It is our duty to educate ourselves and our communities on the consequences of our lifestyle and demand the governments and industries for true changes. The market may have the potential to make us inconsiderate consumers, but I trust that we have the potential to counteract it through collective actions. Time is running, let’s work together to improve the food system, with the main goal of guaranteeing that everybody eats healthy and nutritious food.
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