About the initiative

As a collective force, young people have extraordinary potential to mobilise and influence tangible, positive change in our world’s food systems. Youth across the world are rallying behind #Act4Food #Act4Change. The innovative ideas and solutions of youth must be supported in the lead up to the UN Food Systems Summit and beyond. 

Our pledge brings together young people from around the world to focus on their personal actions as a contribution to system change.  

Actions 4 change urge all people, particularly governments, businesses, UN agencies and young people to act boldly and promptly.  

The Pledge

The pledge aims to gather and channel global momentum, galvanizing action from youth and other community members all around the world. Young people have power, agency, and demands that must be recognised. By raising awareness of key issues, we hope to pinpoint action and effort on specific solutions, and in doing so, inspire more young people to join the movement.  

Our list of actions will shine a light on a wide range of issues that are impacting our individual, community, and planetary health. They will help to provide decision-makers with clarity on what issues they urgently need to address. Our toolkits will showcase what healthy and sustainable nutrition is and provide resources for young people to take actions nationally or locally.  

Our generation understands the importance of investing in better food systems, and we urge world leaders to understand as well. We must bridge the gap between young people and policy makers and leaders, through growing our mutual understanding of the issues and solutions. 

About the pledge

The unprecedented challenges presented by the global health pandemic and the climate crisis, coupled with a growing population and unsustainable consumption, production and distribution patterns across the food system, all threaten our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our planet. 

Today, more than half of the world’s population is under the age of 30. As a collective force, young people have extraordinary potential to mobilise and influence global movements. Our movement begins with a simple pledge. The pledge and list of actions are a youth-led movement galvanising action to defeat hunger, improve health and heal the planet.  

The pledge brings together young people from around the world to focus on their personal action as a contribution to system change. It urges governments, businesses, UN agencies, youth counterparts, and people of all ages to act boldly and promptly. The Actions 4 Change are what young people want businesses and policymakers around the world to take in order to fix our broken food system. 

The UN Food Systems Summit is a “People’s Summit” aiming to mobilise people from all around the world to shape a better world – one where everyone can benefit from safe and nutritious diets, while simultaneously protecting nature, tackling climate change, and promoting human rights. The momentum created by the The Summit will help to galvanize support for the pledge and actions that can be taken around a clear timeline.  

The momentum is building. Action is urgently required to address chronic issues in our food systems. The SDG framework and The Summit create a window of opportunity to put the question of food systems high on socio-political agendas.

Principles of the #Act4Food #Act4Change movement  

Members should comply with these principles along with the Principles of the UN Food System Summit 

The youth movement is based on the following principles:

  • Inclusivity for our planet: Respect. Dignity. Integrity. Act with urgency
  • No discrimination: Social Justice (Human rights, access, participation and equity). We do not distinguish people according to their religion, race, social economic status, political views, gender, and origin). We call for gender equality, solidarity with prioritisation of vulnerable young people coming from the LGBTQI+, disabled, HIV/TB, mental health and fragile and conflict-affected communities
  • Independence: Our movement is solely youth-led. We act on our own. We are not influenced by any entity (government, business, organization, etc) but this should not mean we work in silos. We are open to cooperate with others in good faith
  • Voluntary Service: we are driven by our passion, motivation and the urgency to act
  • Unity: although we come from different geographic localities, we are a united front to strive to #Act4Food #Act4Change
  • Universality: Our #Act4Food #Act4Change initiative is applicable everywhere without distinction. Our drive is to make the movement resonate in each context-sensitive environment, no matter where in the world
  • Science-based: all our arguments, information and decisions are grounded by scientific research and data with zero tolerance of unauthenticated facts

Who are we?

The leadership and membership of the Youth #Act4Food #Act4Change Initiative are open to all who share its objectives and sign up to its governance principles. Members should comply with our principles along with the Principles of the UN Food System Summit (Act with urgency, commit to The Summit, be respectful, recognize complexity, embrace multi-stakeholder inclusivity, complement the work of others, build trust) and, where appropriate, be signatories of the UN Global Compact.  

The Youth #Act4Food #Act4Change Initiative leadership consists of a global core group of youth champions who can provide strategic support and contributions to deliver the Youth #Act4Food #Act4Change Initiative’s purpose and mission. This group includes four Co-Chairs who represent it externally at the global level (e.g. with partners and media).  

Youth #Act4Food #Act4Change Initiative Supporters, includes categories of stakeholders critical to the youth-led movement, such as youth-led organizations at global, regional or country level that seek to address topics that align with the mission of the Youth #Act4Food #Act4Change Initiative.  These coalitions may seek to be embedded or collaborate with other organizations or coalitions active in the other domains of the The Summit to enhance the impact of their actions.   

The Initiative is run in close coordination with the UN Food Systems Summit youth stakeholder engagement, by the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) and Food Foundation, two non-profit organizations acting as facilitators: securing funding for the initiative, ensuring the smooth rollout of Act4Food Act4Change activities, rallying a coalition of supporters behind the initiative, and generating global campaign assets to be made available in various languages.