Our Global Actions 4 Change

As a collective force, young people have extraordinary potential to mobilise and influence tangible, positive change in our world’s food systems. Youth across the world are rallying behind Act4Food Act4Change. As part of this campaign, we have our Actions 4 Change, a list of actions that young people want governments and business to take to fix our broken food system!

Click below and learn more about the top 10 global Actions 4 Change!

Pledge & Actions

Young People in the Activism Space: Lana’s Story

Read Lana’s story about how she started her climate and food systems activism journey and what advice she would give to aspiring young activists.

Lana Weidgenant Brazil
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Lebanon: An Interlinked Economic and Food Crisis

In Lebanon, a number of factors are leading to food insecurity throughout the country. Read our youth leader, Rayan Kassem’s analysis of the food security and economic crisis in Lebanon.

Rayan Kassem Lebanon
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From China to the World: A young person’s passion for food systems transformation

Huiyu Ouyang is our amazing youth leader from China. Read about his journey of working in food systems in China and the delicious food he cooks!

Ouyang Huiyu China
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Super Nutritionist Betty – Working Towards Better Nutrition in Ethiopia

Super nutritionist Betty (Betelhem Lakew) talks about all the amazing work she is doing for nutrition from nutrition counselling, research to producing nutrition-rich food products.

Naina Qayyum Pakistan
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Championing the Cause of Adolescent Health and Nutrition in Bangladesh

Read Dipty’s story of becoming an adolescent nutrition champion in Bangladesh and globally. Originally published in Portuguese in Um So Planeta.

Naina Qayyum Pakistan
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Meet the campaign leaders

The pledge is led by youth members of the UN Food Systems Summit Action Tracks.

Yuhua Zong China
Maureen Muketha Kenya
Stephanie Sargeant Kenya
Azeez Salawu Nigeria
Sophie Healy-Thow Ireland
Ouyang Huiyu China
Webster Isheanopa Makombe Zimbabwe
Marie-Claire Graf Switzerland
Milca Jane Cameseria Philippines
Rafsi Albar Indonesia
Mildred Munjunga Zambia
Muhammad Sarim Raza Pakistan
Mike Khunga Malawi
Yacine Yade Senegal
Lavetanalagi Seru Fiji
Tahiti Seymour Cayman Islands
Jackson Richard Buzingo Tanzania, United Republic of
Bernis Cunningham Nicaragua
Jane Napais Kenya
Zulma Lopez Reyes Colombia
Maggie Hamilton United States of America
Almamy Chouaibou Diagana Mauritania
Yumna Hussen United Kingdom
Priya Prakash India
Betelhem Lakew Ethiopia
Ryan Mc Shane United Kingdom
Dipty Chowdhury Bangladesh
Taylor Quinn Canada
Rayan Kassem Lebanon
Belinda Ng Hong Kong
Lana Weidgenant Brazil
Narindra Andriamahefalison Madagascar
Dev Sharma United Kingdom
Dara Karakolis Canada
Meet our leaders
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