Belinda Ng

Hong Kong

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Belinda is a sustainability advocate and aspiring social entrepreneur. Following her undergraduate Geography degree from the University of Cambridge, she is currently pursuing a MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College London. During her time at Cambridge, she founded the ‘FoodIE’ app, which aims to provide easy-to-understand resources for students to reduce their food-based carbon emissions. The app idea won the Grand Prize at Cambridge University’s ‘Gamifying Decarbonization’ competition. With a particular interest in addressing food insecurity, Belinda has volunteered extensively both in the the United Kingdom and in her home city of Hong Kong with community farms and food redistribution NGOs to ensure low-income families can access high quality locally grown produce. During the pandemic, she launched an online educational campaign and fundraiser called ‘Heart-to-Heart HK’, which successfully raised over 3100 pounds to provide over 300 food care packages for low-income families and elderly affected by the pandemic. An avid writer, Belinda has published numerous self-researched articles and interviews with experts focused on sustainable food sourcing and food miles for Cambridge University’s Varsity newspaper, The Geographical Society Magazine (COMPASS), Climatalk, an international student-led magazine on climate change issues, and has been an op-ed columnist and feature article writer for Young Post, South China Morning Post since 2014.
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