Dara Karakolis


Dara is a public health nutritionist working towards sustainable food systems transformation. She is a Global Youth Coordinator for the Act4Food Act4Change campaign. Dara is interested in how the food we eat is influenced by a multitude of interconnected determinants, including how this can create numerous opportunities for public health interventions on a global scale. She believes in the importance of health literacy and communicating nutrition to the public in a clear, concise and culturally appropriate manner. Dara is a core team member of Young Leaders for Health, an organisation that aims to nurture the next generation of leaders in global health by working on major health issues such as climate change and NCDs.

Having worked and volunteered across components of our food system I have seen the interconnectedness and complexity of going from farm to fork in a way that is ethical, sustainable and is healthy for both humans and our planet. Our food systems need re-shaping and it is up to us to take on this problem for our future. I believe through strong advocacy and policy change we can ensure all our global citizens have access to nutritious, affordable and sustainably cultivated food. We need strong, equitable food systems governance. World actors must stand by us and commit to moving forward stronger, fairer and unified.
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