Maggie Hamilton

United States of America

Maggie is an undergraduate student at Cornell University in upstate New York, USA studying International Agriculture and Rural Development. She believes that agriculture, when executed well, provides social development, economic growth and environmental regeneration. Maggie is interested in the nexus of public and private engagement for improved food systems, regenerative agriculture and circular economies. She thinks critically about many of the contemporary issues of today and how interlinked they are with all facets of society. Additionally, Maggie is passionate about the humans behind the food system and the unique role each of us plays in it. She is motivated and encouraged by the push from youth today to create a more sustainable, ethical and equitable food system for everyone. Currently, Maggie is a student contributing researcher for the Innovative Food Systems Solution portal and is assisting Nutrition Connect & GAIN as student support in knowledge mobilization and youth engagement. On her college campus Maggie is vice president of IAAS (International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences), a mentor for the Global Development Program, a member of Epsilon Eta (a sustainability fraternity) and a volunteer with the Food Recovery Network.

The flaws in today’s food system are daunting, overwhelming and extensive. Incredible amounts of field work, international cooperation, business accountability and more are necessary for us to work together towards solutions to the nutrition and climate issues of today. In order to effectively stimulate impactful change in the food system we need to address each complexity with a systems approach as everything is interconnected. By engaging stakeholders from every industry that impacts the food system, we can create a web of driven and passionate individuals committed to sustainable change. The journey from soil to plate is currently a long, arduous process, but there are solutions waiting to be implemented. Act4Food Act4Change is one example of the great hope I have for the future of our food system. By collaborating with other young people dedicated to sustainable food systems transformation we are generating conversations that will fuel the flame for change. Political will is always necessary for change and by continuing the conversation about food systems transformation we can educate ourselves and those around us about the opportunities for change. If we can believe it, we can create it.
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