Rafsi Albar


Rafsi is an incoming sophomore of law at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. He is currently the founder and president of Aspiratif.id, a youth-led organization which aims to empower youth across the nation to voice their opinion on fields previously dominated only by ‘experts’. With a team of more than 30 students from Indonesia’s best universities, the organization has established several programs in areas like law and human rights, education, and global politics.
As a high school student, Rafsi was predominantly exposed to world issues such as nutrition. This brought him to participate in GAIN’s 2018 conference for adolescent nutrition in Geneva. Since then, he has actively channeled his and Indonesian youth’s concerns on multiple topics through his organization and other platforms.

I firmly believe that youth and information form a combination that could take humanity to greater heights in many ways. With recent developments which enable us to access information at ease, it becomes our collective responsibility to use our power for the things that matter. Knowing full well that the issue of food security is not just about having a proper meal for the next day or reducing waste output in the chain, I pledge to be at the forefront of advocacy for a more sustainable and equitable food system. I will use all resources at my disposal to ensure that the youth of my nation gain the necessary knowledge to start acting. Join me as we venture forward to create better food systems that will positively impact the lives of millions or even billions of people.
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