Ryan Mc Shane

United Kingdom

Ryan McShane is a youth activist with interests in young peoples rights, human rights, food poverty and insecurity, climate change and childhood trauma and adversity. Having been a member of Who Cares? Scotland, a membership organisation which provides independent advocacy for care experienced people in Scotland and promotes a lifetime of equality, respect and love for care experienced people and helps to portray that being in care isn’t a bad thing and that those in care can achieve their full potential. He was then elected to Scotland’s Youth Parliament in early 2017 representing the organisation for 2 and a half years and in his last year was elected as chair of the Sport and Leisure Committee. It’s remit was wide ranging meaning that an opportunity came around when the Future Food Inquiry took place in 2018 around the UK and he attended its findings reception in the Scottish Parliament joined by at the the time other UK Food Ambassadors. He was later asked to join the Food Foundation and become a UK Food Ambassador where in that role he has amended the Right2Food charter that came from the Future Food inquiry which is a series of asks on policy matter for all 4 governments, amended due to Covid19 and later met with Children’s Minister Vicky Ford MP to discuss it and take actions. Ryan later was asked to become a Global Leader for the Act4Food Act4Change representing the UK at weekly meetings which other Leaders campaigning on all things Climate Change, transformative food systems, and nutritional foods for the future and achieving NetZero in a timely fashion.
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