Fairness & Inclusivity

Key Facts:

  • Women farmers generally have less access to savings and credit than their male counterparts

Food is a basic right for everyone. A fair and just food system is one in which everyone is included, and everyone’s needs are considered.  

At the moment, many groups around the world are discriminated against when it comes to accessing food, or are exploited as part of the food industry.  

  • Women, for example, make up 43% of the people working in agriculture in low-income countries, but they are often disadvantaged in farming because they have the duty to work while also caring for their families. They also often only have rights to land via marriage. By supporting these women, giving them ownership of the land they work on and providing resources to use, these farms could be more productive and could lift as many as 150 million people out of hunger.  
  • Young people make up a big proportion of the population. Their opportunities must be protected so that their food businesses can be stronger.  

An inclusive food system would:  

  • Provide everyone with affordable, healthy food 
  • Make the financial benefits of farming fair and equal  
  • Provide jobs and improve livelihoods  

We want to transform the system so that it empowers everyone who is working to produce food, and so that it ensures a supply of nutritious food for the future.

Global food systems