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As a collective force, young people have extraordinary potential to mobilise and influence tangible, positive change in our world’s food systems. Youth across the world are rallying behind #Act4Food #Act4Change. The innovative ideas and solutions of youth must be supported in the lead up to the UN Food Systems Summit and beyond. 

Our pledge brings together young people from around the world to focus on their personal actions as a contribution to system change.  

Actions 4 change urge all people, particularly governments, businesses, UN agencies and young people to act boldly and promptly.  

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Actions For Change are the means by which you can make change happen at a national and community level. Discover more about the differences being made, and how you can get involved at

Pledge & Actions

The Impact of Low-Tech to Achieve Zero Hunger

Since our early days with entrepreneurs like Sarah in Liberia, Tailored Food has continued to partner with inspiring women across Africa and Latin America to design, launch, and scale nutritious low-cost food products that leverage low-tech production systems. Whether porridge in Liberia, banana-leaf wrapped snack bars in Congo, or spiced soy ‘meat’ in Brazil, we are on a mission to end hunger by 2030.

Taylor Quinn Canada
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Act4Food Act4Change in the news!

Catch up on the latest coverage on the #Act4Food #Act4Change campaign.

Naina Qayyum Pakistan
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Launch of a global youth-led campaign to transform food systems:

A pledge to encourage millions to create sustainable food systems

Naina Qayyum Pakistan
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Naina Qayyum Pakistan
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Lancement d’une campagne mondiale menée par les jeunes pour transformer les systèmes alimentaires

L’engagement pour que des millions de personnes œuvrent à bâtir de meilleurs systèmes alimentaires

Naina Qayyum Pakistan
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Meet the campaign leaders

The pledge is led by youth members of the UN Food Systems Summit Action Tracks.

Narindra Andriamahefalison Madagascar
Mike Khunga Malawi
Ouyang Huiyu China
Sophie Healy-Thow Ireland
Jim Cano Philippines
Marie-Claire Graf Switzerland
Webster Isheanopa Makombe Zimbabwe
Lavetanalagi Seru Fiji
Priya Prakash India
Taylor Quinn Canada
Bernis Cunningham Nicaragua
Lana Weidgenant Brazil
Maureen Muketha Kenya
Rayan Kassem Lebanon
Jane Napais Kenya
Yacine Yade Senegal
Mildred Munjunga Zambia
Janya Green United States of America
Milca Jane Cameseria Philippines
Dipty Chowdhury Bangladesh
Meet our leaders
What people are saying

What people are saying


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Upcoming event

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until the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021 on 01 Sep 2021

Following the pre-summit hosted in Rome from the 26-28 July, the UN Food Systems Summit 2021 will convene in New York in September in conjunction with the UN General Assembly. The event will bring together key players from all over the world to discuss solutions for transforming our Food Systems, and give a voice to citizens in every country.

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